Employee Burnout – Useful guidelines on dealing with year end exhaustion in the workplace

Employee Burnout – Useful guidelines on dealing with year end exhaustion in the workplace

It may be that time of year when employees are prone to exhaustion and fatigue due to high work volumes, deadlines, overtime and general home and work stresses. It has been a constant high and rest is in demand. Sick leave balances are hastily exhausted and no substantial growth is evident within the organisation. Morale is low and so are the profit margins. Year on year the economy is infiltrated with new business and organisations are striving to keep abreast of its competitors, this however has detrimental effects on their workforce.

Below are some guidelines and suggestions for coping during this challenging period for both employers and employees.

For the employer it may be time to call in some much needed temporary assistance. Temporary employment services could be the intervention your organisation has been looking for: eager part timers who are looking to earn extra income while taking the strain off your current permanent workforce could be beneficial.  Many employment agencies offer reasonable hourly rates and flexible working hours to suit your business requirements; it certainly is a small investment in what could keep your business abreast of the competition.

For the employee; it is not the best time to be making decisions to return to the job market. Chances are you are reacting out of pure exhaustion. Plan a holiday away with your family and get as much rest as possible. Once rested; you can return to the drawing board.

Opting to call in an experienced motivational speaker and career coach could be another alternative form of upliftment for your employees. Invest in the future of your business and your employees by allowing them a few hours away from their desks to be rejuvenated and inspired by a professional. This form of “employee wellbeing” will have the highest positive effect on employees in the long run.

Working in the temporary and permanent employment sector, I have found that the interest and development of people is the key to success that many organisations overlook. Career coaches are the external mediators who could change the course of events for both parties – offering motivation and an ear to the employee, sound advice and assistance to the employer.

The truth is; people are at the centre of business, our most valuable resource.  We need to work in harmony with one another, keeping all channels of communication wide open. Employers could make available an anonymous suggestion box. This small gesture will go along way in proving that every voice is heard. Implementing fresh ideas and suggestions from employees (within reason) could help restore trust and positive energy in your working environment.

In conclusion; there is no other relief for exhaustion besides rest. During the months drawing towards the holidays; try to use your free time to do just that. Keep stress levels to a minimum by being proactive not reactive.  When your holiday finally approaches, use it to rest because it is in the best interests of your employer, yourself and most importantly your family.

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