Women and Corporate South Africa

Women and Corporate South Africa

We are privileged to live in a dispensation where women are rising to the forefront amidst the dying perceptions relating primarily to house making.  We may still have a long way to go to see full turnaround; however efforts towards equality are evident in the corporate arena at large.

South African women are becoming a force to contend with in the workplace and celebrating their femininity in the process. They are taking strides towards achieving further education and training thereby creating access to executive opportunities. They are succeeding regardless of the emotional and physical demands placed on them by motherhood and the corporate world. Women are wired to multitask, however priorities should reign and time management skills utilized.

Women need to design their own personal signature. Develop an authentic personal identity with knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses.  By no means is the territory an easy sailing terrain. You will face many obstacles proving you have what it takes. A confident and balanced self esteem aligns individuals to cultivate the ability to know and manage the self and the work that lies ahead.

Being sure of who you are and having the courage to put your knowledge and expertise to the test through difficult opposition will accelerate your vision.  Growth and promotion will avail itself when you pass the tests placed on your character and intellect.

South African Boardrooms need women in their strategic environment in order to broaden diverse perspectives in managerial decision making. This total transformation in business could birth winning strategies through collaboration of gender and change the old deep seated values and beliefs within the corporate mindset.

Turnaround is eminent as major organisations in this country adjust their policies to accommodate for the working women i.e. competitive maternity benefits, crèches and flexible working arrangements. This culture can only be created and sustained by broadminded leaders who understand and implement diversity and equality deliberately.

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